CDI test prep Alumni Bradley Maddalozzo of Mercury Heating & Air talks about his experience with taking and passing the HVAC/R Exam, getting his Class A license, and taking over a third generation family business. 

“I don’t see how anyone could have a bad experience in this course. We get right to work.”

What’s your experience/background in the industry?

I’m a third-generation family business. I grew up in this stuff. I work for Mercury Heating and Air.  We’ve been a family-owned business since 1974. My grandpa owned it, then my dad. Now I’m running it with an A certification. 

We’re not a big company, but we do a lot of new installations and services for residential. I feel like we have good people skills, most everyone I work for is a repeat customer.

What was your experience with the test?

When I got approved to take it the first time, I just went to take it to get a feel for it and failed, obviously. I took the prep test because I knew I needed it. I took it and figured that I should take the B [license test] and then took the A [license test].

It’s definitely a rough test. To me it has nothing to do with working. It’s all just stuff that I’ve never had to deal with in the field. It seems more geared toward engineers than field workers.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of?

Just getting that license was a big deal. I was working under my dad’s license. And then he passed away, so I had to get it to work. After failing [the test] a few times, it was looking bad for me stress-wise. [Passing] allowed me to step in and take over the family business.

Why was it important for you to attend a test prep seminar to pass your exam?

I wanted an in-person class. I learn better in person. I need someone to show me a trick to remember something. All these others are online and that’s fine. I saw videos on YouTube about the course saying they failed it a few times, but they went to [CDI] and passed the first time.

Do you recommend CDI to other HVAC Contractors?

This guy I’ve known forever, his son-in-law is trying to take it. I sent him the flyer and recommended it. He tells you everything: keywords, how to read the book, [interpret the] code.

It’s funny, the day after I passed my test, I texted Wade. He shared his number and told us to reach out and update us on whether we passed or not. I let him know that I appreciated everything he did.

[Told him] that I passed, he even recommended an insurance company for me to use.

I don’t see how anyone could have a bad experience in this course. We’re getting right to work. 

What did you appreciate most about their approach to teaching?

He has good teaching skills. He had really good stories that help you remember things easier: talking about his daughter or shooting guns.

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