What difficulties did you have with the test?

I’m Spanish and English, so I have difficulties sometimes with the second language.

I had to purchase a different type of class online, where they actually had me repeat it and repeat it and repeat it, like the questions. They were a little more on top of you – they were teaching you the questions, and that actually helped me to pass the second time, the exam.

Which part of the test preparation helped you the most?

Once you start doing the quizzes, I think that’s what helped me a lot. They give you 55-60 questions for just math. Each category that you have for each book, you know, “what’s the law for this” or “how many inches it has to be for that.” So I guess the questions, the quizzes – they were very similar as to the test, so I quite understand it better.

And then repeating those things over and over and over, you kind of memorize the equations and you know the most important things that you needed to know for this quiz. It did help.

How did the instructor help you?

From a technician point of view, you know, it had nothing to do with our experience, right? I think that’s what makes it harder, because you have experience and you try to apply the experience that you have with what they’re asking in the exam.

Don’t use your experience, your knowledge that you already know. Just focus on the theory of the book. Like the instructor said, forget about what you know. It’s like if you’re a brand new student. You don’t know anything. This is going to change your mind of thinking and the way you see things, and he was right about that. I will never forget that.

Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

I got my license this year and we started our company in April. The name of our company is LLA Blessing, and it’s a family-owned business.

I actually failed the first time. It’s kind of hard for you to do your personal stuff and then study at the same time. It was online, so it made a big difference. It took a lot of effort to study.

Really happy that I finally got the licenses.