There are two basic steps that need to be completed before you can become a licensed contractor.

Step 1 – License Application

Before the state will allow you to take any exam, you are required to fill out and submit the license application along with the license and test fees. The basic application consists of two parts: the Contractors License Application and the Experience Verification Form.

The Contractors License Application

This form can be filled out by you, the applicant. On this form, you will include your basic information, what license you are applying for, education information, and the last six years of work history. Remember that in order to be licensed, you must have at least 4 years worth of experience within the past 6 years.

Experience Verification Form

This form is to be filled out be a person who can verify your 4 years of experience. On this form, your reference needs to provide a detailed description of the type of work he or she can verify that you have. For more help on how to apply for the license and what the fees are, check out the License Application Checklist.

Step 2 – Taking and Passing the Exams

Once you have turned in your license application and the state has approved you for testing, you will receive a phone number to call so you can receive the test locations and dates. At this point you will be able to schedule your exam. Be sure to choose the closest date following one of our HVACR test preparation seminars.

Once you have successfully passed your exams, you will need to provide the state with your passing test scores, proof of insurance, and your license fees. Once all of this has been completed, you will be a licensed contractor. Congratulations!