Book Pack for Prep Class


Book Pack Includes:

  • 2018 Uniform Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  • Modern Refrigeration 22nd Edition
  • ADI Ductulator
  • Texas Laws and Rules
  • Preprinted Tabs
  • Standard Ground Shipping

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  1. Thomas

    What are the preprinted tabs for?

    • Bob Delahunt

      The tabs help you to quickly find information in the books. It is an open book test, so quickly accessing information helps to maximize your success on the exam.

  2. Name *Julian Munoz

    Los libros tambien estan en idioma espanol?

    • Bob Delahunt

      Lo sentimos, los libros no están disponibles en español. El examen también se administra en inglés. Puedes solicitar un traductor.

  3. Nagri

    Hello, will there be new books for 2024? I heard that there are some changes in February 2024. Should I buy now or wait for February? I want to prepare for an exam in March.

    • Bob Delahunt

      The only change that has been announced is the Modern Refrigeration will be moving to the 22nd edition on February 1st. Currently the 21st edition is being used for testing purposes

  4. Bob Delahunt

    All the books are in stock. The test is still based out of the 2018 books

  5. Bob Delahunt

    The book pack does not come with practice tests. The test prep class will go over questions that you will see on the exam.

  6. Bob Delahunt

    These are the books that we feel are essential to pass the exam. Over 90% of the test questions are taken from these books. So we feel that this book pack is all you need for the exam. The other books that you can bring into the exam are the Manual J, D, or S. You can find them available for purchase here

  7. Israel (verified owner)

    Hi, where can I find the Manual J Manual D and Manual S books on here? Thank you.

  8. Martin amaya

    So this is every book i need to take the test ??? Just want to be sure

    • Bob Delahunt

      These are the books that we feel are essential to pass the exam. Over 90% of the test is taken from these books.

  9. Santos mares

    I’m looking into getting my license and I’m looking into books to get to study . I see there showing 2018 edition. Is that what’s on the test or is there a newer
    edition that will be on the exam?

    • Bob Delahunt

      The testing is currently based on the 2018 editions

  10. Zhao Fang

    Hi, does it include International Fuel Gas code?

    • Bob Delahunt

      Currently the IFGC is on backorder from the manufacturer until mid March. So the current price reflects all of the books except the IFGC.

  11. thomas garza

    In order to study for hvac contractor lisence just for heating and cooling what books are needed for studing i belive is for class A

    • Bob Delahunt

      The books listed above are the ones that we feel are critical to passing the Class A license.

  12. Frank

    Will there be new books for 2023? Due to the new systems and new Freon. Also have been hearing there may be a new installation method with the soldering.

    • Bob Delahunt

      Texas is still on the 2018 codes for the foreseeable future. We usually receive 6 months notice when a new code will be used for testing. So for now, everything is the same.

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