Complete Book Pack for Prep Class


Complete Book Pack Includes:

  • 2018 Uniform Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  • Modern Refrigeration 21st Edition
  • ADI Ductulator
  • Texas Laws and Rules
  • Preprinted Tabs
  • Standard Ground Shipping
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  1. Sabino lopez

    excellent program

  2. Daniel Castro

    are these all the books i will need to prep for the test

    • Bob Delahunt

      These are the books we consider essential to passing the exam. Additional books that are allowed into the exam include the Manual J, N, and D. We have seen very little come out of those additional books and don’t feel they are necessary to buy. If you want those additional books they are available from ACCA for $395. We just don’t feel that is worth it for a couple of questions on the exam.

  3. Eddie C.

    Hi, I noticed that 2021 edition for some hvac prep books its already available, is it necessary to get this newer edition or the 2018 are still good to use? Thank you

    • Bob Delahunt

      The 2021 Codes are out and available, but have not been approved by the State of Texas yet. Typically new codes are adopted 2-3 years after their release. The 2018 codes were just recently adopted and all the testing is based on those 2018 editions of the codes.

  4. roy norwood

    What do you estimate your pass/fail rate at on passing the 1st time?

    • Bob Delahunt

      Test prep companies will quote 98% pass rates all the time. Don’t believe those kinds of numbers. Everyone comes to the table with different skills using books, with math, and even with their grasp of the English language. An honest rate for first timers after taking our course is 80-85%.

  5. Ricardo Mena

    do the books come in a binder format? or are they hardcover ?

    • Bob Delahunt

      The code books are soft cover. The laws and rules are comb bound, and Modern Refrigeration is hard cover.

  6. Zack DiGrigoli

    Is the 2018 books still what we’re to buy in 2022?

    • Bob Delahunt

      Yes, the 2018 books are what are being tested from right now. We usually get at least 3 months notice when they adopt a new code cycle. We haven’t heard anything yet about adopting the 2021 codes.

  7. Tari Annan

    Hi, I already have Modern Refrigeration 21st Edition, but need the rest how much will it cost? And I already registered for the exam

    • Bob Delahunt

      It is $420.16 for the books without the Modern Refrigeration.

  8. Erik Garcia

    Hi , Would this course help me pass the HVAC exam for both ( Commercial and Environmental ? , I have chosen Class A Commercial Ref/ Process Cooling and heating instead of choosing both ( Commercial and Environmental ) , but did ask to be added to my test list and how long do you think i need to sit down and study before both exams.

    • Bob Delahunt

      The course covers both the environmental and the commercial. Our three day course will be all you should need to pass your commercial A exam. We do recommend that you test as soon as possible after you take the course so that you retain as much of the information as possible.

  9. Brad harrison

    If I have been working in hvac for many years and decided to get my license… all hands on experience should I study before your class or take the class then test asap.

    • Bob Delahunt

      We recommend taking the test as soon as you can after taking the course. Studying before the course is of limited use because you have no idea what you should be studying. The benefit of the course is that it takes the 3000 pages of content and reduces it down to just the information that is on the exam.

  10. Alex ferrer

    If i already have the code books 2018 , will that be useful for this coming class in November , 2022?

    • Bob Delahunt

      The test is still on the 2018 codes and will be for at least for the next few months.

  11. Tristan Chadwick

    I am looking to buy a course, books, and start studying. I did not plan to take my test until quarter one of 2023. Should I wait for new books, or will I be fine to buy 2018 books? I have a green light to test until the 8th month of 2023.

    • Bob Delahunt

      We have not received any notification that the Texas books will be updated. Generally they give us 3 months notice of any code changes.

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