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More than 5000 students licensed since 2004

Texas’ contractor exams are tough. You have a very limited amount of time to get through the questions, which are most often based on book knowledge rather than field experience. This can trip a lot of contractors up when they try to apply field experience to the test. Prioritizing the questions and knowing how to do quick calculations are the keys to passing the exams.

That’s where Construction Data Inc. can help.

Our 3-day, live-instructed classes feature a combination of lectures, question and answer times, and memorization to facilitate as many learning styles as we can. It’s not a webinar or computer-based course. Our instructor–also the owner–is right there in the room with you, helping you every step of the way.

Here’s what you’ll learn during our classes:

  • How to use the books (using the right book and finding the location of the information within the book)
  • Text highlighting, tabbing, and computer exam strategies
  • How to read and interpret the code
  • How to do the math required on the exam (including duct sizing, water to ice conversions, combustion air sizing, and calculating CFM and friction rates)
  • How to prioritize the questions with our test-taking strategies

The class also covers psychometrics,  tax calculations, business law, code training, modern refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning, using the ARI ductulator, and Texas Laws and Rules.

We have hundreds of questions known to be on the current test, and all our information is up-to-date, meaning you’re getting the best help possible for passing your exams. And that’s help we’ve been providing to Texas contractors every month since 2004, to the tune of more than 5,000 students.

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