Wade Airheart is the owner and instructor at Construction Seminars, Inc. In his 30 years of teaching he has helped over 30,000 students receive contractor licenses in both New Mexico and Texas.

We asked Wade if he could share his insights about the HVAC/R Test and how CDI test prep classes prepare students for success.

What Surprises People the Most About the Test?

People are most surprised by the fact that their years of field experience is of little use when taking the exams. The codes (which the tests are based on) are the worst, minimum standards that are acceptable to pass an inspection, not a good standard. Contractors tend to over engineer things in the field to avoid callbacks. Answering questions on the exam based on field experience will usually lead to an incorrect answer on the test.

What Do People Struggle With the Most on the Test?

Each person is different and has unique challenges when it comes to taking the exams. Some will struggle with math, others with time management, and some will struggle figuring out where to find information in the books. For some, English is a second language for them and these learners tend to struggle the most.

Are There Any Myths About the Test?

People who do well on the test are the best people to hire. The tests only tell us whether someone could find information in a book. You should always try to hire a contractor who has a history of satisfied customers, preferably a referral from a trusted friend.

How Does CDI Approach Test Prep?

The tests are largely open book. The questions are randomly generated from a pool of questions. I feel that a comprehensive understanding of the layout of the books, and being able to extract information out of them are the keys to success on the exams. Because of the extensive pool of questions that the testing agency uses to create this exam is so large (600-900 per test), our goal is to give the students the skills to find the information in the books, rather than focusing on memorizing questions. We also teach them the necessary math to be able to do any calculations that they find on the exams.

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